Tack för tungt bagage

DSC06583En av Rotary Doctors tandläkare, Per Berndtsson från Ljungskile Rotaryklubb, som skulle till Mutomosjukhuset i september, tog med sig en riktigt tunglast, en sugmotor. Per hade samlat ihop pengar till motorn från flera tandläkarkollegor i Sverige. Och Per fick ett tackbrev från sjukhuset:

Dear Per and friends of Mutomo.
On behalf of the hospital management and the dear people of Mutomo, to whom we endeavour to provide quality health services, I thank you most sincerely for that ‘suction machine’ you procured and carried all the way from Sweden despite its enormous weight (of 28 kgs.) for any passenger to carry. God bless you and those that enabled you to procure the machine in the first place. Sweden truly loves Mutomo and its people.

Please convey our profound thanks to all involved who helped you and us.I attach the pictures that I took when you had the machine installed here.
God bless you all always.