Information and lectures on global health

On this page we will gather information that are connected to the medical issues for doctors that are interested to read some further information. If you want to share something interesting with your colleagues you are welcome to send papers or other information, maybe links to other websites, etc, to the office and we will post them.

Rotary Doctors Medical Manual:
RDS Doctor Manual 2019 Aug

MSF/Läkare utan gränsers Clinical guidelines:

MSF Clinical Guidelines English
MSF Essential Drugs-English

Clincal guidelines from Kenya Ministry of Health:

Clinical guidelines Vol I Final
Clinical Guidelines Vol II Final
Clinical Guidelines Vol III Final

Other guidelines – handbooks from Kenya Ministry of Health 




STI Guidelines_Kenya 2018

Non-communicable diseases

Kenya Strategy for NCDs
WDF09-436 National Clinical Guidelines for Management of Diabetes Melitus – Complete
Cardiovascular-guidelines-2018_A4_Final Hand-book-Cardiovascular-2018_19_5_18_Final

Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses WHO:

IMCI Chartbook_eng from 2014
WHO_Textbook IMCI
Child health in the Community WHO

Primary and community health

Primary-Health-Care-Network-guidelines-signed-copy (1)

Föreläsningar från Läkarmötet 2019/2018

FGM Läkarmötet 2019
Mentorskap i NorthPokot
Föreläsning Cecilia Magnusson Antibiotkaresistens 2018
Föresläsning Bo-Erik Malmvall Malaria 2018

Slemhinneförändringar i munhålan, Powerpointen som presenterades av Wivi-Anne Andersson, här i PDF format: Wivi-Anne Andersson

föreläsning Maria Karlsson Kulturkrockar och kulturmöten – Läkarbanken

Två böcker som rekommenderas av föreläsaren Maria Bradley om hudsjukdomar på mörk hud:

  • Dermatology Atlas for Skin of Color 2014th Edition
    by Diane Jackson-Richards (Editor), Amit G. Pandya (Editor)
    ISBN-13: 978-3642544453
    ISBN-10: 3642544452

Ännu bättre är nedan men vet att den kan vara lite svårare att få tag på

  • African Dermatology Handbook Paperback – 2014
    by Kassahun Bilcha MD (Author), Scott Norton MD. MPH (Author)

Information from the Doctors’ Meeting 2017 – Primary Health Care

People’s Movements against Alcohol Abuse
Primary Health Care Jan. 2017
Child Health in LIC Feb 2017
Tuberculosis Sept 2016
HIV prevention Evidence Sept 2016
Practical tips March. 2017

Icke smittsamma sjukdomar Perk Läkarbanken

Information from the Doctors´ Meeting 2016 – Child Health

Agriculture and Health Oct. 2015
Child Health in LIC Feb. 2016
Malaria March 2016
Malnutrition.sept. 2015
Maternal Health EmergencyNutrition in LIC 2015
Poverty and Health Sept. 2015
Practical tips Latest Jan. 2016
Primary Health Care Jan. 2016

Information regarding tropical skin conditions:

Föreläsning av Gunnar Holmgren: Tropical skin conditions

To see photos of the different conditions, you can go to a power point presentation that is located in Dropbox: Click here

The Indexlist of the photos your find here: Index of pictures Tropical Skin conditions


A master paper regarding diagnosing malaria in resource limited settings, why and how? Plasmodium falciparum malaria in western Kenya

Diagnosing malaria in resource limited settings


Report regarding Antimicrobial Resistance from WHO:

Antimicrobial resistance WHO report summary
Antimicrobial resistance WHO report full report

Practical tips – Gunnar Holmgren

Papers presented at the Doctor’s meeting 2014, Gunnar Holmgren:
Staircase diagnostics
Staircase pharmaceuticals
Practical tips 2015 Total light

Family planning

Two papers one regarding family planning and one on contraceptives and HIV has been sent in by two different doctors:

Family planning versus contraception What is in the name PIIS2214109X13701773 (2)



A good E-book on Neurology in Africa written by William Howlett can be down loaded free from the internet:


We have reiceved three power point lectures from Rotary Doctors Netherlands that might be interesting to look at since it isabout different tropical diseases or other related issues.

A child with high fever and pain

Podoconiosis – power point presentation.
PODOCONIOSIS treatment protocol

Dermatologi i tropikerna (Dutch)