Quality Improvement Teams and Continuous Medical Education (CME)

The Swedish doctors going to our cooperation hospitals work in three areas:
”On-the-job training” – mentorship
Continuous Medical Education (CMEs) – sessions of appr. 45-60 min for staff to learn about new issues, Swedish doctors are leading some of those sessions
Quality Improvement Teams (QIT), Swedish doctors are part of the these teams and can support the work the teams are doing

Below is material about these three areas.

Start here: Tips och trix vid fortbildning
This is a presentation that gives some ideas about how to work with improvement at the Kenyan hospitals.

Material from a training held for the QIT’s purpose and working methods. Prioritize to look at Day 1.2 and Day 1.4.
Day 1.2_Defining Quality and Quality Improvement
Day 1.4_5S
Day 2.1a_Leadership in QI
Day 2.1b_Establishing QI structures
Day 2.2_Introduction to QI Tools_Prioritization Matrix
Day 2.3_Root Cause Analyais
Day 2.4_Process Maps
Day 3.1_Developing Solutions
Day 3.2_Stakeholder Analysis
Day 3.3_Perfromance Measurement
Day 4.3_QI Charter
Day 4.4_Quality Improvement M&E
Day 4.5_Accelerating QI in healthcare
GRM Overview


Material that some of the doctors used at the different hospitals:

October 2022 Kacheliba hospital
Åsa Lundgren:
Antimicrobial resistance
Used with the Quality Improvement team:
Quality Improvement – follow-up
Common cold versus pneumonia 1
Respiratory hygiene
Vital signs adults Vital signs children

Mars 2022 Kacheliba hospital:
Anaemia Amita F
Infectious gastroenteritis (GE) (2) Amita F

Triage Malin Häggstöm
Some more about X-ray… Malin Häggström

September/October 2019:
Fractures and their treatment
Healthcare today and in the future
Patient safety

January/February 2019:
Heart failure med bilder

September/October 2018:
Presentations as PDF or power point presentations: Antibiotikaresistens senaste,   Hypertension Kenya presentation,   Diarrhea – Kenya