Continuous Medical Education (CME)

On this page you find information about the Continuous Medical Education sessions that the Rotary doctors have had and material used.

Kacheliba hospital:
At Kacheliba there is now a computer and a projector to be used for the CME´s. In the computer there might be presentations done earlier. Check it out. 
February/March 2019:
1.Q-feber,  2.Antibiotika resistens,  3.Förgiftningar

January/February 2019:
Heart failure med bilder

November/December 2018:
Summary of presentation:  Diarre Bertil Malmodin

September/October 2018:
Presentations as PDF or power point presentations: Antibiotikaresistens senaste,   Hypertension Kenya presentation,   Diarrhea – Kenya